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It is an exciting time in tree health care. Thirty-five years ago when we started in this business, it was sort of like being a medical doctor in the 19th Century; for every advancement in treatment and understanding there were five setbacks perpetuated by misunderstanding and unscrupulous snake oil peddlers.

Today, tree health care is guided by science and we are proud to be part of that revolution. We conduct more tree care research aimed at developing tools, improving operations, and solving your problems than any other company in the world. We also built a company around serving you – the one in the field talking with tree owners, performing treatments, and saving trees.

We specialize in conducting research done by tree care professional for tree care professionals. Our crack science team is actively working on old and emerging issues you deal with to increase predictability, efficacy, and operational efficiency. From our perspective, trees deserve recommendations and products based on sound science.

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