Adding new services to your plant healthcare offerings is one of the easiest ways to grow your business by creating new customers and having something new to offer to your current customers.  We took a look at the nearly 200 protocols we have developed at Rainbow Treecare Scientific and came up with a list of five simple ones that you could take on in 2018.

1. Emerald Ash Borer

Larval galleries under the bark

Surely, if you reside in an area where emerald ash borer (EAB) is present, you are likely already in the EAB business, and if not – whattya waiting for?!?! The media does a good job of keeping EAB in front of homeowners and it remains one of the top searched-for tree healthcare issues in the country. With multiple treatment options applied in a number of different ways, chances are you already have what you need to begin offering this service.

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Products: Xytect 2F, Xytect 75WSP, Xytect 10%, Emamectin benzoate, Transtect
Application Equipment: Q-Connect, iQ Infuser, Q-Gun, HTI 2000, Soil Drench Kit, Maruyama Motorized Backpack

2. Chlorosis

Chlorosis Signs

Robert L. Anderson, USDA Forest Service,

When trees are turning yellow and the calendar says summer, there is a good chance that chlorosis is the culprit. Chlorosis is a serious issue that affects a tree’s ability to properly manufacture chlorophyll. Chlorophyll = green, thus insufficient chlorophyll = yellow tree.  This makes chlorosis a very easy issue to bring to the attention of tree owners. Treatment results will get a legitimate “Wow!” when the trees leaf out the following season. Turning a yellow tree into a green tree is a great Arborist Alchemy trick to add to your repertoire.

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Products: Verdur, Verdur Mn, Cambistat
Application Equipment: Manual Macro-Infusion Kit, HTI 2000, Soil Drench Kit

3. Pine Needle Scale

Pine Needle Scale Signs

While this little scale insect is known to infest many different members of the Pine Family, it particularly likes Mugo pines and Scots pines. In the olden days, pine needle scale management was a complex affair involving dormant oils, spray equipment, and crawler-stage timing.  Luckily for the modern arborist, there are fast-acting soil-applied treatments available that are not only easier to work with, but more effective than older methods.

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Products: Transtect
Application Equipment: Soil Drench Kit

4. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid/Elongate Scale


USDA Forest Service – Region 8 – Southern Archive,
USDA Forest Service,

The mighty eastern hemlock was dealt a blow with the introduction of the woolly adelgid, and then insult was added to injury with the rise of the hemlock elongate scale.  With help from arborists, these great trees have a fighting chance for survival. Transtect is one of the few options available that will effectively manage both of these pests with a single application. Opt for soil applications if you are just protecting a few trees, consider using an HTI2000 injection probe if you are managing several trees at a site. Transtect is also label for systemic bark spray applications, making it a versatile tool in the toolbox.

Learn More: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Diagnostic Guide, Elongate Hemlock Scale Diagnostic Guide
Products: Transtect
Application Equipment: Soil Drench Kit, HTI 2000, Maruyama Motorized Backpack

5. Improve Root Systems

Can you think of a tree that you manage in the urban forest that might have its root system compromised in some way? Chances are good that you thought of at least one just now. Construction damage, soil compaction, limited growing space, drought, sidewalk boxes, competition from turf grass…the list goes on. While repairing root system damage is often a multi-pronged approach involving AIR-SPADEs, mycorrhizae, mulch, water, etc., Cambistat is a tool that many arborists utilize. By redirecting the tree’s energy from vegetative growth to other growth areas, such as fibrous roots, Cambistat has been shown to help trees recover from damage or limited root systems. Bonus: it takes just a minute or two to apply and is effective for 3 seasons.

Learn More: Improved Root Systems Diagnostic Guide
Products: Cambistat
Application Equipment: HTI 2000, Soil Drench Kit