Aaron DickinsonFor Plant Health Care Solutions, Training, and Education

Minneapolis, MN: Rainbow is excited to have Aaron Dickinson now available to bring Rainbow’s plant health care knowledge, education, products, equipment, & field training expertise to tree care and landscape professionals in California. Aaron has over two decades of experience in the plant health care industry. Aaron has owned his own consulting arborist company, and he has worked as a sales and Plant Health Care Manager for small and large national companies.

When asked about his new role to support CA plant care professionals, he had this to say, “I am excited to take on the new adventure of working with the plant care professionals in California. As an arborist, it is always energizing to learn about different plant material and the challenges of maintaining a healthy landscape in the urban environment. I look forward to collaborating with the plant care professionals throughout California and providing support to assist them in caring for the trees and shrubs that make the landscapes beautiful.”

Aaron is available to help tree care and landscape professionals grow or start their plant health care program. He can be reached via his phone (860) 845 – 3129 or email adickinson@treecarescience.com. Some of the added value services that he can provide include:

  • Assisting companies to develop a palm, tree, and/or shrub health care program.
  • Training and educating technical and productions crews on application best practices and techniques for predictable results.
  • Sales training on how to offer plant health care services and how to identify and diagnose plant problems.
  • Technical, product, and equipment support.
  • Setting up test trials of plant health care solutions.

Contact Aaron to learn more about Rainbow’s added value offerings and buying plant health care products and equipment direct online at www.treecarescience.com.

About Rainbow: Rainbow provides science-based, research-backed plant health care products, equipment, training, and technical support to tree care and landscape professionals. Rainbow’s plant health care products and equipment are available direct and online. Rainbow conducts over 100 annual research trials with their commercial and academic research partners to develop the next generation of plant health care products, equipment, and solutions. For more information and to buy direct, go to Rainbow’s website.