There’s Plenty of Opportunity Right Now to Grow Your Business

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, September 20 - In the spring, companies are so busy they have little time to focus on growing their plant health care services. By the time the late summer and fall arrive, client calls begin to taper off, and many companies are looking for ways to grow their business. This time of year is an ideal time to prescribe and sell services that many companies overlook.

Trees Showing Symptoms

Symptoms from many tree insect, diseases, and abiotic problems are apparent in the late summer and fall. This is an ideal time to point these out to your clients. To do this, you’ll want to identify:

  • What are the 2-3 most common trees in the area?
  • What are the 2-3 most common symptoms or issues associated with these trees?

Once you are on the property, you can look for these trees and these symptoms to prescribe treatments. Common issues that show symptoms at this time of year include:

Preventive Treatments

Many common invasive pests (such as emerald ash borer) can be treated in the fall to prevent attacks the following year. Treatments in the fall help to reduce the production workload the following spring, while still providing effective control for the next year. It also provides you the opportunity to prescribe services to clients who want to get a head start on protecting their tree for next year. Common issues that you can treat for this fall for protection next season include:

Proposing Spring Treatments

Some issues which generate symptoms in the late summer and fall cannot be treated during the fall. However, this is a chance to be proactive and offer treatment services to your clients for next spring. Damage from foliar diseases such as apple scab or anthracnose is highly visible in the fall, so educate your clients about services and sign them up for treatments next spring. Common issues you can propose now and treat next spring include:

To learn more about these issues contact your Rainbow Territory Manager or visit the online Diagnostic Guides. Also, find out how you can save right now and get the best deals of the year on PHC products and equipment on the Rainbow Fall Savings and Early Order Program.

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