TranstectMinneapolis, MN - September 21 - Transtect was recently approved as a 24(c) Special Local Needs registration in NY for Emerald Ash Borer on ash, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on hemlock, and Elongate Hemlock Scale on hemlock. Tree care and landscape professionals dealing with any of these 3 issues now have a great solution to offer their clients.

A unit of Transtect comes in 20 water soluble packets that can be easily mixed with water and applied as a basal trunk spray. A unit of Transtect can treat approximately 250" DBH for emerald ash borer on ash.

Some of the benefits of Transtect include:

  • Rapid uptake into the tree. Works well as a just-in-time treatment.
  • Field studies have shown superior control on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid infested trees and controls Hemlock Elongate Scale at the same time.
  • Easy-to-mix and apply. No measuring needed. 6 packets per gallon of water.

For more information visit the Transtect product page or contact your Territory Manager.

* Transtect may be used in New York only as a basal trunk spray for control of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Elongate Hemlock Scale on Hemlocks and Emerald Ash Borer on Ash in accordance with the Special Local Needs provisions of the EPA under a FIFRA Section 24(c) registration.