Marketing Support

Mastering diagnosis takes great skill, but if you can’t sell the job, or if clients don’t know to call you, then the tree doesn’t benefit. Science doesn’t save trees, sales do. Effective communication with clients is one of the hardest skills to master but the most useful one when you do.

Our marketing department has two responsibilities: the first is branding and marketing the products that we sell, the second is helping our clients market their services. We can provide you with sell sheets we add your logo to, customize postcards or sell sheets to match your branding. We can even provide content or links for your website, and get you high quality images that you can use on an iPad to easily show your clients. However you get the word out, we can help.

Sell Sheets

RTSA has many sell sheets which are designed to help you convey various plant health care issues to your clients. Below is our current line up of fully customizable marketing materials. We can add your contact info, logos, websites, email address, etc. at no additional charge.

If you are interested in ordering any of these valuable tools, contact us at 877-272-6747.

50 sell sheets (including customizations) is $22.50.

Please click on one of the thumbnails for a full preview of the file. Note: These are low-resolution preview files, photos will be high quality when you order.

marketing materials PDFs--anthracnose.gif
marketing materials PDFs--apple-scab.gif
Apple Scab
marketing materials PDFs--bacterial-leaf-scorch.gif
Bacterial Leaf Scorch
marketing materials PDFs--bagworms.gif
marketing materials PDFs--balsam-wooly-adelgid
Balsam Wooly Adelgid
marketing materials PDFs--brnze-birch-borer.gif
Bronze Birch Borer
marketing materials PDFs--chlorosis.gif
marketing materials PDFs--Diease Resistance
Disease Resistance
marketing materials PDFs--drought stress
Drought Stress
marketing materials PDFs--dutch-elm-disease.gif
Dutch Elm Disease
marketing materials PDFs--EAB_xy.gif
EAB – Xytect
marketing materials PDFs--EAB ArborMectin
EAB – ArborMectin
marketing materials PDFs--gypsy-moth.gif
Gypsy Moth
marketing materials PDFs--improving-root-systems.gif
Improving Roots
marketing materials PDFs--injured-roots.gif
Injured Roots
marketing materials PDFs--japanese-beetles.gif
Japanese Beetles
marketing materials PDFs--laurel-wilt.gif
Laurel Wilt
marketing materials PDFs--oak-wilt-North.gif
Oak Wilt – North
marketing materials PDFs--oak-wilt-South.gif
Oak Wilt – South
Pine Wilt Nematode
Pine Wilt Nematode
marketing materials PDFs--proper-root-depth.gif
Proper Root Depth
marketing materials PDFs--reduce-growth.gif
Reduce Growth
marketing materials PDFs--Rhizosphaera sell sheet
Rhizosphaera Needle Cast
marketing materials PDFs--Spotted Lanternfly sell sheet
Spotted Lanterfly
marketing materials PDFs--trimtect sell sheet
Trimtect Sell Sheet
marketing materials PDFs--two-lined-chestnut-borer.gif
Two-Lined Chestnut Borer
marketing materials PDFs--urban-tree-stress.gif
Urban Tree Stress