Why Shrub Growth Regulators?

Shrub Growth Management Systems (SGMS)

Whether your clients are HOA’s, commercial sites, or residential properties, the quality of your work is represented by a healthy, lush, well-maintained landscape. A lot of hard work and time goes into achieving a safe, beautiful property. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and never ending maintaining your properties. Leveraging growth regulator technologies can be the edge you need to overcome your competitors while growing your profits. Through years of research, Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements has made growth regulators easy to use, predictable, and cost effective. Growth regulators are now widely used in the green industry.



“Very impressed with these results. We will be using Trimtect for
future jobs, especially where we struggle to keep up with spikes
and walkways cleared.”
Dave Earley Emerald Isle Landscape

In many locations one or two treatments per year will be all you need to maintain a manicured appearance. You can expect one application of Trimtect to control growth for 8 to 12 weeks. Treated plants will have a compact look due to the shorter branches with slightly smaller, darker green leaves, and an enhanced flowering and fruiting appearance. Your clients will have plants that stay manicured and look better longer.


61 Days After Treatment (Florida)

Trimtect plumbago
Shrubs treated with Trimtect will still require some follow up trimming to maintain a manicured look, but the labor needed will be significantly reduced. Your crews will also be able to use hand pruners instead of power shears, and will spend less time on ladders, resulting in decreased liability. Less biomass is removed per job so you can get more jobs done without taking as many trips to a dump site.


Nelly Stevens Holly Applications in early June 2014


Photos taken on September 14, 2014


There are many vegetative management situations in which you can utilize the proven performance of Trimtect. Using Trimtect in these situations can improve your profitability and/or reduce the number of trips you have to make to challenging job sites

Areas with Hazards
Areas with Hazards
Annual Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Contracts
Hard to Access
Hard-To-Access Sites
Fast Growing
Fast Growing Shrubs
Leggy Plants and Shrubs
High Labor
High Labor Jobs

Benefits with Shrub Growth Management Systems (SGMS)

Reducing growth equals reduced cost and increased profits. The cost of treatment with Trimtect is significantly lower than the labor to maintain the desired look your clients are demanding. You will also see lower cost on follow-up trimming with fast turn around and less biomass being hauled away.