Reduce your utility’s vegetation management costs

25% - 30% in urban areas. Guaranteed results.

A scientific breakthrough that will change the game of IVM.Breakthrough Technology

Tree growth regulators (TGRs) are not new to utility vegetation management. However until now, implementation of a predictable TGR program has been impossible. The Cambistat® Tree Growth Management Solution was developed over 15 years and 110 research projects. Our purpose was to create predictable results. And we succeeded.

Cambistat Tree Growth Management Solution

The Cambistat® Tree Growth Management Solution provides game-changing technology; transforming how urban trees are cared for and managed within the right of way over traditional line clearance programs. This approach provides significant savings on tree pruning programs, improves your brand image, and increases customer satisfaction. It also promotes the tree health with darker, green leaves, larger fibrous root systems, and greater tolerance for drought. This positively impacts the way trees and urban forests are managed in the communities you serve. Learn more about how The Cambistat® Tree Growth Management Solution benefits trees, your utility, and your customer relationships.