Our Story

Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancement has been conducting research and product development, creating tools and protocols for arborists that perform with predictable results for over 35 years. Through our 12+ years of groundbreaking research in Tree Growth Management and the advancement of all aspects of this technology, we have the knowledge and team to deliver the promised results that are possible with The Cambistat® Tree Growth Management Solution. No other company understands this technology better or can more effectively deliver the results.

Brandon Hughson

Director of Utility ServicesBrandon Hughson

Brandon’s commitment is to transform how utilities manage trees in the urban forest so that they are healthier and pruned less often, while increasing reliability. Brandon’s role is to successfully integrate the modern science of TGR’s into utilities vegetation management programs to maximize benefits to ensure that utilities receive the full potential benefit. Brandon earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University Mankato where he majored in Geography with an emphasis in GIS and Biogeography.  Prior to joining the Utility team, Brandon spent three years with the Rainbow Treecare services division establishing the GIS division and as a Technical Arborist.  An ISA Certified Arborist, Brandon is active in the UAA Marketing and Membership committee.

Rich Alexander

Director of Utility Vegetation Management OperationsRich Alexander

Rich graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Forest Resources and Conservation in 1999. He worked within the Forestry Industry, as a consultant, throughout the Southeast for 4 years before transferring into the utility industry in 2003. Since moving into the utility industry, Rich has worked with The Davey Resource Group and Environmental Consultants, Inc. Rich worked as a Sr. Forester in Florida for 6 years and most recently as the System Distribution Forester for a major utility company. Rich is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Utility Arborist Association and is a Certified Arborist/Utility Specialist. In addition, Rich is a State of Florida Pesticide applicator.

Rich is married to Stephanie and together they have 2 rambunctious boys, Hunter and Cody. In his spare time Rich enjoys playing golf and baseball, hunting, fishing, coaching little league baseball, being involved in Cub Scouts, gardening, going to movies with his wife, college football, and anything Florida Gators!

Tom Prosser

Team Leader – Utility Vegetation Management
Tom Prosser

Tom brings a strong history of success and arboricultural experience to the vegetation management team that serves utilities. He is the founder of both Rainbow Treecare and Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements. Tom’s college experience at the University of Minnesota includes chemistry, biology, arboriculture, and business. Tom believes that the technology now exists to transform how utilities manage trees in residential areas. Instead of continuous pruning, Rainbow provides a solution that leads to healthier trees and lower expenses. Tom says “I am excited to work with our utility customers to educate them and to implement a superior way of maintaining trees that benefits everyone – the urban forest, the tree owner, the safety of the workers, and the utility.”