Reduce Costs

The Cambistat® Tree Growth Management Solution provide an overall reduction in vegetation management costs by reducing several key factors, including:

Reduce High-Access Pruning Costs

The more difficult the site to access, the more expensive pruning is and the greater the financial benefit this program provides.

Reduce Labor Costs

A growth regulation crew requires less labor than a pruning crew does, reducing costs and freeing labor for other jobs. Skipping cycles results in significant soft cost savings as well.

Reduce Labor

Reduce Disposal Costs

Treated trees produce much less biomass. Thus when pruning resumes, there is a reduction in time and dollars spent on smaller amounts of biomass removal and disposal fees.

Reduce Biomass

* Redding et al, “Growth, Biomass, and Trim/Chip Time Reduction Following Application of Flurprimidol Tree Growth Regulator” Journal Of Arboriculture 20(1); January 1994.

“The average reduction in trim/chip time for treated trees across treatments and rates as a percent of the untreated trees was 59% for Silver Maple, 49% for Willow Oak, 52% for Water Oak, and 61% for Norway Maple.”

“The average reduction in weight of biomass removed across treatments and dose rates as a percent of the untreated trees was 68% for Silver Maple, 80% for Willow Oak, 71% for Water Oak, and 79% for Norway Maple/"