Improved Plant Apperance

Trimtect and Cambistat allow the plant to allocate energy that would be used for vegetative growth to be directed to other functions. This available energy is utilized to other areas such as defense compounds and fine root development, resulting in a number of plant benefits. You will see darker green plants, more compact look, and enhanced plant appearance & quality.

Greener Leaves

Reducing gibberellic acid production causes an increase in chlorophyll, resulting in darker green leaves.

Chlorophyll increase on Red Oak

Chlorophyll increase on Red Oak.

Enhanced Appearance

Changes in leaf morphology can result in healthier appearing foliage.

Improved Rose

8 weeks after Trimtect® treatment we are seeing darker green foliage and a better quality plant.

Increased Flowering

A increase in the volume of flowers in a common by product of growth control treatments.

Improved Flowering Plumbago

Flowers are enhanced on the treated side of this plumbago

Treatment Strategy

There are two different growth regulators to utilize depending on the type of plant being treated: Cambistat®, which is used for trees, and Trimtect®, which is used for shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. Cambistat is applied to soil and may be applied anytime that this ground is not frozen or saturated with water. Trimtect is applied by foliar spray and may be used during the growing season.

  • Soil Application using Cambistat Gallon

    Notes: For Trees
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Anytime ground is not frozen or saturated with water.
    Re-Treatment: Every 3 years or when normal growth resumes.
    Cambistat Gallon
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  • Foliar Spray using Trimtect

    Notes: For Shrubs
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Growing season when plants are in leaf.
    Re-Treatment: 8-12 weeks in some climates. Annually in other climates.
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