Safety is a primary concern for everyone involved in landscape maintenance. This includes the safety of the crews working on the site, as well as anyone who accesses the site such as motorists or pedestrians. There are several ways that the use of growth regulators improves safety on the jobsite.

Reduce Use of Motorized Equipment

Reducing the growth of trees and shrubs means reducing the number of times a worker needs to come in contact with tools such as chainsaws, chippers, power sheers, or loading equipment.

Growth Control Safety

Difficult to Access Sites

There are sites that are hazardous to access for crews, such as parking lot islands, median strips along roadways, or other sites where auto traffic is present. Reducing the number of times a crew is required to access one of these sites decreases the likelihood of safety issues.

Growth Control Safety Parking Lot

Parking Lot Plants

Keep Crews Off Ladders

Similar to reducing the use of motorized equipment, the fewer number of times crew members are required to utilize ladders and lifts to maintain plants the few number of opportunities there are for safety incidents.

Ladder Safety

Reduce Sidewalk Lifting

As trees grow in size they have the tendency to lift sidewalks and walkways, creating a tripping risk and liability for the property. The use of growth regulators will slow the growth of large woody roots and reduce the risk of tripping.

Sidewalk Lifting Cambistat

Treatment Strategy

There are two different growth regulators to utilize depending on the type of plant being treated: Cambistat®, which is used for trees, and Trimtect®, which is used for shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. Cambistat is applied to soil and may be applied anytime that this ground is not frozen or saturated with water. Trimtect is applied by foliar spray and may be used during the growing season.

  • Soil Application using Cambistat Gallon

    Notes: For Trees
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Anytime ground is not frozen or saturated with water.
    Re-Treatment: Every 3 years or when normal growth resumes.
    Cambistat Gallon
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  • Foliar Spray using Trimtect

    Notes: For Shrubs
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Growing season when plants are in leaf.
    Re-Treatment: 8-12 weeks in some climates. Annually in other climates.
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