Save Money

The use of growth regulators has several cost savings benefits for you and your clients.

Some the most common ways to save money with Trimtect and Cambistat are:

Reduce Trimming Frequency

The time from spring to early summer is busy. Very, very busy. The lawn is growing and needs mowing. The weeds are coming up. The bedding plants and other colorful flowers need to get in the ground. Taking shrubs out of the peak season equation can dramatically free up labor to accomplish these other tasks.

Fewer Site Visits

Every trip to the job site has costs involved from fuel to vehicle maintenance and, of course, the cost in travel time. Reducing even a single visit can have significant savings for you.

Growth Control Save Trips

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor remains one of the most costly and valuable assets on a production team. A growth regulation crew requires a fraction the labor that a trimming crew does, greatly reducing costs and freeing labor for other jobs.

Reduce Labor

Treatment Strategy

There are two different growth regulators to utilize depending on the type of plant being treated: Cambistat®, which is used for trees, and Trimtect®, which is used for shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. Cambistat is applied to soil and may be applied anytime that this ground is not frozen or saturated with water. Trimtect is applied by foliar spray and may be used during the growing season.

  • Soil Application using Cambistat Gallon

    Notes: For Trees
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Anytime ground is not frozen or saturated with water.
    Re-Treatment: Every 3 years or when normal growth resumes.
    Cambistat Gallon
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  • Foliar Spray using Trimtect

    Notes: For Shrubs
    Dosage: Varies by species. See label for details.
    Timing: Growing season when plants are in leaf.
    Re-Treatment: 8-12 weeks in some climates. Annually in other climates.
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