Toolbox Approach

Not every situation is the same, which is why proper tree / shrub care requires a toolbox approach.  We offer a variety of plant health care solutions for every situation, and we'll train you and your crews on when and how to use our products and equipment safely, efficiently, and effectively for your clients.

Science Backed

Science and research are the cornerstones of Rainbow. We started with the purpose of providing tree care and landscape professionals with science-backed solutions for plant health care. For over 20 years, Rainbow has been actively researching the issues most important to our profession. Our research has led to new products, new application devices, and new ways to manage problems.

Environmental Stewardship


We take our stewardship of the environment seriously at Rainbow. Since we treated our first elm tree for Dutch elm disease over 40 years ago, our sole motivation has been to help others protect and improve the urban forests in their communities through education, training, and providing a set of tools for plant health care.

The solutions we offer have been selected using a suite of criteria that includes the efficacy against the target pest, toxicity to humans, animals, and non-target species, and their persistence in the environment. We weigh these criteria with the realities of running a business as well. Our recommendations represent this balance between biology, ecology, and running a business.

Always read and fully understand a product’s label before use and use only as directed.