Many tree health professionals use adjuvants with their spray treatments to increase the results of their treatments or make them easier to apply. An adjuvant is any agent added to a solution to increase or aid in the effect of the treatment.

How do adjuvants work?



No Surfactant
(on left side)

Droplets naturally will bead up in larger groups reducing the surface area contact with the leaf.

Using Surfactant
(on right side)

Sufactants reduce the surface tension of droplets and increase the leaf coverage.

Drift control

No Drift Control

No Drift Control

Without drift controls, small droplets form and are harder to control.

With Drift Control

Using Drift Control

Drift controls increase the droplet size to make the spray easier to control.

Adjuvant Key Uses Ideal for
Audible™ 90 Nonionic Surfactants Helps pesticides spread and penetrate the target. Modifies physical properties of spray droplets for improved coverage, penetration and uptake of pesticide actives. Meets pesticide label requirements for 90/10 or 80/20 nonionic surfactants. Use with pesticides in horticulture, nursery, turf, and pest control applications. Creating a uniform distribution of spray mix. Increasing pesticide coverage and penetration of target plants.
Scrimmage™ Organosilicone Surfactant Increases coverage and rainfastness. Superior coverage, penetration and uptake of pesticide actives. Improved spray distribution and quality with reduced agitation requirements. Minimizes challenges associated with leaf dew and topdress adherence. Very low use rates. Use with pesticides in horticulture, nursery, turf, and pest control applications. Increasing rainfastness of pesticides. Achieving improved surfactancy in low volume mix tanks. Preventing fine topdress sands from sticking to mower rollers.
Offside™ Deposition Agent/Drift Control Help pesticide sprays land where applied. Modifies sprays to maximize droplets within ideal size range - large enough to avoid drifting off target - small enough to avoid bouncing off the target. Increases spray pattern accuracy and application efficacy. Compatible with most spray solutions and equipment Turf, residential and commercial, ornamental landscaping. Spray applications near sensitive areas that may be harmed by off-target drift. Improving the efficacy of most pesticide applications.
Yardage™ Acidifier/Surfactant/Deposition Aid/Drift Control Ideal adjuvant system for low pH application. Lowers pH of tank mix solutions. Penetrates plant surfaces for increased pesticide uptake. Reduces drift and enhances deposition. May be used in and around aquatic areas. Pesticides that are sensitive to high pH. Conditioning alkaline mixing water. Keeping sprays from drifting onto sensitive plants nearby. Use in or around aquatic areas.
Reverse™ Defoamer/Antifoam Ideal for knock down and preventing foam. Acts as an anti-foamer - add to tank during mixing to prevent foaming. Acts as a defoamer - add to mixed tank solutions to knock down foam. Safe and easy to use with any tank mix. Herbicides and other pesticides known to cause excessive foaming. Mixtures that include nonionic surfactants. Application equipment that continuously agitates spray solution.
Onside Kick™ Liquid Tank Cleaner Ideal for reducing residue buildup in equipment. Helps avoid damaging plants with cross contamination of spray solutions. Recommended for cleaning and maintaining all spray equipment. Cleaning pesticide actives and other residues out of poly and fiberglass spray systems that are harder to decontaminate than stainless steel equipment. Protecting spraying systems from corrosive residues.
Product Active Ingredient Suggested adjuvant
Agri-fos® Phosphorous Acid Scrimmage™
Carbaryl 4L Carbaryl Audible™, Offside™
T-Bird 4.5L, T-Bird 85 WDG Thiophanate-methyl Audible™, Offside™, Onside Kick™
Conserve® SC Spinosad Audible™, Scrimmage™, Offside™
CuPro 5000 Copper Hydroxide Audible™, Offside™
Distance Pyriproxyfen Audible™, RTSA Horticultural Oil
Pegasus 6L Chlorothalonil Audible™, Offside™
Floramite® SC Bifenazate Audible™, Yardage™, Scrimmage™
Forbid™ 4 F Spiromesifen Audible™, Offside™
Hexagon® DF Hexythiazox Audible™, Onside Kick™, Offside™
Lepitect™ Acephate Audible™
Lucid™ Abamectin Audible™, Offside™, RTSA Horticultural Oil
Myclotect™ Myclobutanil Audible™, Offside™, Onside Kick™
Orthene Acephate Audible™, Yardage™
Manzate Pro-stick T&O Mancozeb Audible™, Offside™
Propiconizole 1.3ME T&O Propiconazole Audible™, Offside™
Sightline Triclopyr Audible™ (as a foliar spray) *If using as a basal trunk spray use a basal oil
Tengard Permetherin Audible™
Transtect™ 70 WSP Dinotefuran Audible™, Reverse™
Trimtect™ Paclobutrazole Audible™
BiFen XTS Bifentherin Audible™, Offside™
Up-Star® Gold Bifentherin Audible™, Offside™
Xytect™ 2F Imidacloprid Audible™, Reverse™
Xytect™ 75WSP Imidacloprid Audible™, Reverse™
Junction Cu(OH)2 46.1%/ Mancozeb Audible™
Acelypryn Chlorantraniliprole Audible™, Offside™

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