Agri-Fos Plus

Agri-Fos Plus is a systemic fungicide used for control of vascular fungal diseases. It is one of the few fungicides to successfully control phytophthora.

Key Diseases ControlledSudden Oak Death, Bleeding Beech Canker (See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

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Agri-Fos Plus

Application: Systemic Bark Spray

SKU: 429
Active Ingredient

Phosphorous Acid 60.56%

EPA Signal Word


Unit Size

2.5 Gallon

Unit Makes/Treats (High)

6.4 gallons (40.5 fl oz + 62.5 fl. oz water + an adjuvant)

Unit Makes/Treats (Low)

3,840 gallons (1/2 tsp per gallon)

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