Bacastat is a tree-injectable antibiotic used for a number of bacterial pathogens. It is a 100 percent water-soluble formulation of oxytetracycline (OTC) that is applied to trees using the iQ Tree Injection Suite or macro-infusion.

Bacastat is a superior formulation to the prepacked OTC products as it does not contain petroleum distillates that damage tree tissues. Its potency is 100 percent since it is mixed with water right before injection. Bacastat is taken up very quickly by the tree. Bacastat directly suppresses bacterial pathogens during the season of the application. Each unit treats 100" DBH.

  • Bacastat is 100 percent water soluble
  • Bacastat comes in water soluble packets that allow you to mix the product as needed prior to treatment. This minimizes the chance for product degradation that can arise with pre-mixed formulations
  • Application is by micro-injection into the root flares
  • Bacastat delays symptom development by up to 4 weeks and reduces the amount of overall scorch present in the canopy
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Application: Tree Injection

SKU: 3202
Active Ingredient

Oxytetracycline 18.3%

EPA Signal Word


Unit Size

1 pouch

Unit Makes/Treats (High)

100 DBH Inches

  • Tree Injection

    Application methods vary depending on the situation. Consult the label for more specific guidelines.