Carbaryl 4L

Carbaryl 4L is a broad spectrum foliar spray that offers a number of benefits: ease of application, short PHI, and no phytotoxicity.

Carbaryl has two distinct properties that account for its popularity: it has a very low mammalian oral and dermal toxicity and it possesses a rather broad spectrum of insect control.

  • Controls most major groups of shade tree pests
  • Compatible with other insecticides and fungicides

Key Insects ControlledGall Insects, Gall Midges, Gall Wasps, Gypsy Moth, Hackberry Nipplegall Maker, Lacebugs, Elm Bark Beetle, Pine Bark Beetles and many others (See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

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Carbaryl 4L Insecticide

Application: Foliar Spray

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Active Ingredient

Carbaryl 43%

EPA Signal Word


Unit Size

2.5 Gallon

Unit Makes/Treats (High)

62.5 Gallons (4 Gallons per 100 Gallon)

Unit Makes/Treats (Low)

1,000 Gallons (1 Quart per 100 Gallon)

  • Foliar Spray

    Application methods vary depending on the situation. Consult the label for more specific guidelines.

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