Junction acts both as a fungicide and an antibiotic thus, it controls both diseases such as, fungal leaf spots and fireblight as well. Junction works very well when applied as a preventative spray.

Key Diseases ControlledBacterial Leaf Spot, Fireblight, Boytris Blight, Fungal Leaf Spot, Scab, Anthracnose (See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

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Junction WSP Fungicide/Bactericide

Application: Foliar Spray

SKU: 421
Active Ingredient

Cu(OH)2 46.1%/ Mancozeb 15%

EPA Signal Word


Unit Size

6 lbs.

Unit Makes/Treats (High)

170 Gallons

Unit Makes/Treats (Low)

400 Gallons

  • Foliar Spray

    Application methods vary depending on the situation. Consult the label for more specific guidelines.

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