Lepitect is a unique, soil injection insecticide that provides rapid systemic control of many key shade tree pests. One application will give 30 days of efficacy for lepidopteran larvae such as gypsy moth, fall webworm, cankerworms, and bagworms. Lepitect is also a great tool for management of spider mites and leaf feeders such as Japanese beetles.

  • Mix the packet with 25 gallons of water in your tank and make a ready-to-use stock solution for soil injection
  • One 10 oz packet will treat 50 DBH inches

Key Insects ControlledBagworm, Cankerworm, Gall Forming Insects, Gypsy Moth, Japanese Beetle, Lacebugs, Spider Mites, Tent Caterpillar, Webworm, Winter Moth (See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

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Lepitect Systemic Tree & Ornamental Insecticide

Application: Soil Application

SKU: 1111
Active Ingredient

Acephate 97.4%

EPA Signal Word


Unit Size

10 oz. pouch

Unit Makes/Treats (High)

25 DBH Inches

Unit Makes/Treats (Low)

50 DBH Inches

  • Soil Application

    Application methods vary depending on the situation. Consult the label for more specific guidelines.

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